Birthday Outfit


Last Saturday was my birthday, I’m one year older bahhhh haha!! Karim took some pictures of me before we left for dinner with my friends. For the occasion I wore my new H&M mesh bodysuit from their modern collection that I presented you here, paired with my new skort (skirt-short) from Zara with black waxed skinny! Every birthday I keep a special piece for the occasion 🙂 this year I choose my one-piece! I had a blast with my friends and a lovely week-end with my boyfriend. I’m a lucky girl!


Black Blazer: Urban Outfitters / One-Piece: H&M / Skort: Zara Waxed Skinny: Urban Outfitters / Heels: Nine West / Necklace: H&M

My Latest Shoes Crush

I came across SoleStruck‘s website today to check out their new products, and I fell in love more than once! Yes, it is definitely a fact, my name is Isabelle and I’m a shoes addict … What can I do, it’s my day to day work, to buy and analyzed shoes. My job is to be a shoe’s buyer. It’s in my blood, I will never have enough. Ok ok you will say, okay every girls are like that, nahhhh you should see my closet … I don’t even understand how my boyfriend can stand it, I think it’s because he’s also a shoe lover, we are made to be together 🙂

Ok enough talking here’s my latest shoes crush!



This one is for men, but I still in love with it!


235721 BY Kenzo / Castel BY Dr. Martens / TC326 Mens BY F Troupe /

Forks BY Jeffrey Campbell / Saviour Traction Elastic BY Cheap Monday /

The Kooples LookBook

Do you know The Kooples? It’s a young French line who started in 2008 by presenting their first campaign with real couples wearing their pieces. They are known for their androgynous line, where lines and colors are mixed perfectly for both womens and mens.

I personally really like womens and mens in suits! It is fucking sexy no?! My favorite piece in this particular line is the lavender suit. I have a big crush for the short suit, the pastel color and the shape which you can wear with heels or with sneakers, perfect!!

Their collections are split into two categories, K Women and K Sport, same for men!

You can learn more about the line here

Pictures via:

Place Yves-Simard


This Place Yves-Simard, reminds me of Paris, I don’t know why, maybe it’s the colors of the bricks or the street sign font, but it makes me dream of Paris! Did I tell you that I’m lucky enough to go back there in June. Karim and I will spend a couple of days there after Stockholm and Copenhagen 🙂 I have a lot of places that I didn’t have time to see the last time i was there and I can’t wait to go to the market again, such a great experience, like in my dreams!

So it looks like spring is finally getting here in Montreal, hopefully this time it’s going to stay.  I can’t stand cold weather anymore, at least until next December… please? 🙂

These pictures where shot outside Chateau St-Ambroise in St-Henri, Montreal. A beautiful building where offices, photo studios, artist studios and apartments share the space, a really cool spot! I would loooove to have our office there, such an inspiring place close to the Canal!




Robot moove ;)

Robot moove 😉


Leather Cap: Asos / Vest: H&M / Tee: Be-Street / Pleather Leggings: Zara / Sandals: Nine West



Let me introduce you to a young new brand that have a lot to say and nothing to stop them!

HGHSTRNG / YD&HS is a multi-label integrated anti-fashion clothing house. Since 2009 they have been independently run and creatively built from the ground up, while making their own mark on independent fashion anarchism. The brand(s) have been functioning as an evolving propaganda for their visions of high society illusions, with re-emerging themes of breaking down and mocking social views laid on by the so called “elitists, modern society and the luxury world”

That’s waht they’re about. Not bad right! In the Big “world” of Fashion you have to make your place and it is not easy in a society where everything goes so fast. Of course I like High Fashion, and I would love to have some Chanel in my closet, but I also like people like HGHSTRNG who are not scarred to bring high-fashion to another level, and share their view of it!

They will be launching their new collection on May 20th stay tune! For now go check their Blog here ENJOY!




I hope you had a nice Thursday like me, nothing special happens. I just had fun with my coworkers, like practically everyday. I’m such a lucky girl to work with them :). It’s supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow in Montreal, I can’t wait!!

That was my outfit today. I’m wearing my Stussy snapback, similar ones available here 🙂

Later xxx


Snapback: Stussy / Leather jacket: H&M / Shirt: Emanuel Ungaro / Legging: Zara / Ankle Boots: Aldo /

Grunge Girl


I was born in the early 80’s, humm should I say that??? Haha, and I grew up directly in the Grunge period, listening to Nirvana religiously, dyeing my hair with my brother at home with not so good products. It was a really cool time.

I was the only one of my age where i grew up. But with my bigger brother I had the chance to experiece that era and really enjoy it! Now it’s such a part of me, I can’t get rid of my Dr. Martens, or my old Chuck Taylor’s, and even less my plaid shirts. I’m actually looking to get a new Bomber jacket, a green one this time! You remember the army jacket that all the bad boys had in the 90’s?

Every morning, I get dressed, depending on my mood or the weather. For that outfit, it was a gray day in Montreal, not rainy only gray… and it made me feel nostalgic. Do you remember those jeans from H&M, I think they were inspired by G-Star. Anyway, they are kind of really comfy harem jeans. I still have the two colors they made! Paired with a men’s tee from Element, my favorite old plaid shirt and my black bomber, that’s how I get my Grungy look!

trends-setters-Close-up close-up-jeans silence-trends-setters Ear-Cuff-trendssetters Red-Hair-Girls Felling-Free Loose-fit-Jeans

Jeans: H&M / Tee: Element / Plaid Shirt: Vintage: Bomber: Et Vous, Paris / Ankle Boot: Aldo / EarCuff: Amnesia / Belt: Vintage



I’ve always been a fan of ACNE, unfortunately my wallet is a little less;) So I get inspired by them! I love their minimalist lines, neutral colors and their shoes, their shoes ah yes! Here are my favorites pieces from their spring collection regarding accessories and shoes! I really cannot wait to see their shops in Copenhagen and Stockholm!

Links will take you to the pieces you want on their site!

Scale Black Bag / Pascal White Sunglasses / Lila Black / Columbus Off White Scarf / Cypress Con Solid Black Ankle Boot

In The Middle Of Chinatown


These pictures where taken a couples of weeks ago, as you can see I had no fringe at that time! There was still a small amount of snow on the ground in Montreal, but it was the first nice week-end and everyone was outside, enjoying the sun. I love the first days of spring, it gives me a boost of energy and happiness, and I’m sure is the same for everyone who live in a country with a real winter with snow and cold weather!

That day we walked from home through Chinatown, I love hanging out there, you can find very interesting stuff, like these cute moving flowers! I also go there to do my grocery sometimes and buy some tea 🙂

Now I’m going to enjoy my evening reading and relax. Not that easy taking back my working beat after my super relaxing week off haha!! ciao ciao and have a good night xx

studded-ankle-boot Trends-setters-place-des-arts-montreal Moving-Flowers In-The-Middle-Of-ChinaTown Trends-setters-looking trends-setters-black-beanie Burberry-trends-setters-Coffee

Jacket: Burberry / Angora Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Zara / Studded boot: Aldo / Beanie: Army Surplus / Sunnies: Amnesia / Bag: Vintage