Cheap Monday


I’m back!!! Sorry if I have not blogged much lately, on the last days of our trip we spend most of our time out, to enjoy the maximum of our last moments there… I’m sure you understand 🙂 It’s kind of sad to be back, I fell in love with Scandinavia and I hope to return soon.. The good news is that I have a lot of pictures to share with you, which allows me to extend my trip longer 🙂
These photos were taken during our second day in Stockholm. The day we arrived, we were so exhausted that we crossed Södermalm and we went straight to our room to fall asleep 🙂 🙂 Most of them where taken in Ostermalm, this is the neighborhood where most of the shops are located.

The city is beautiful with the old buildings surrounded by water canals everywhere. It was like a dream, better than I was expecting. I’m back with lots of inspiration for home. I just arrived and I just feel like going to IKEA to buy new things haha;) I leave you on that today, I’m jet-lag and I have a dinner with family tonight, kisses xxx

White-Ox-Converse The-Perfect-Combinaison Stockholm-Outfit Stockholm-First-Day Stockholm-by-the-water-second-post Relaxing-Stockholm relaxing-at-the-Park-Stockholm My-Man-So-Cute Life-is-good Le-Voillier Impressive-Building Hihi-He-Is-So-Cute-Stockholm Gucci-Shop-StockholmClassic-Meal-Stockholm Enjoying-the-view Cheap-Monday-Outfit-StcokholmCheap-Monday-Boyfriend-jeans Bike Beautiful-City-Stockholm Acne-Boutik Acne

Tank-Top: Zara / Boyfriend Jeans: Cheap Monday / Sneaker: Converse / Sunnies: RetroSuperFurure /

New Stuff From Scandinavia

Of course I did some shopping since I’m in Scandinavia as they really know how to make clothes haha!! I though I should show you some of my buys that I did so far 🙂

H&M-Rings-&-Kimono-Vest-&-Others-Sories-Bra-&-Skirt Weekday-Pullover-H&M-Bag Cheap-Monday-Jeans-Ahlens-Jacket

On the first picture:

Kimono Jacket: H&M Trends / Swim Bra: & Other Stories / Midi Rings: H&M / Skirt: & Other Stories / Lama Plush: A gift from my boyfriend 🙂

Second picture:

Pullover: Weekday / Crocodile mini messenger: H&M

Last picture:

Boyfriend jeans: Cheap Monday / Long Jacket: Åhlélns /

It’s our last night in Stockholm already and it’s going to be a short one, as we have to wake up at 4am for our flight to Paris 🙂 So I’m going to relax a bit before going to bed, See you soon xxx



Malmö is only 25 minutes from Copenhagen by train, so during our last day there we took the opportunity to visit this Swedish city. It was a perfect day, the sun was there and the city was beautiful. The Torso tower was just spectacular and the beach was awesome. We spend our last hours of the afternoon making a picnic by the beach and I got the chance to wear my new swimsuit from & other stories that I got in Copenhagen.

It was my first time at this store and now it’s one of my favorites stores. I bought a skirt too, wich I’m going to show you soon! To come back to Malmö, if you are going to Copenhagen soon, you have to stop by Malmö,  it’s worth crossing the bridge.

I’m done for tonight. Tomorrow we are going shopping woup-woup hehehe!!! So excited!!! xxx

The-Tower-Malmo-and-Trends-setters The-Torso-Tower-MalmoSuper-Sunglasses Street-Of-Malmo Malmo-Trends-setters Malmo-Torso-Tower Malmo-New-Swimsuit Light-House IMG_3504

Bomber Jacket: H&M / Swimsuit top: & Other Stories / Denim Short: RVCA / Sunnies: RetroSuperFuture /

Copenhagen Design


Because Copenhagen is surrendered by beautiful design, I thought I should share some pictures that I took to get inspirations. I took pictures of the architecture and some in design stores, to bring some ideas home 🙂

Toldboden-Skin-Over-The-Bench Toldboden-Home-Inspiration-Copenhagen Toldboden-Dream-Restaurant-Copenhagen Toldboden-Dream-Restaurant Street-Machine-Skateshop-Copenhagen Old-Port-Copenhagen Illums-Bolighus-Chair Hay-Window-Inspiration Hay-Inspiration-Copenhagen Hay-Inspiration Hay-Design-Dtore Hay-Blue-Chair Hay-Bench-Inspiration Hay-Beer Fixed-Bike Crown-Of-Copenhagen-Inspiration Blue-Window-Port-Copenhagen

Now let me talk about my trip! So far, I love Stockholm, it’s a surprising town, bigger than what I thought it would be, my favorite neighborhood is Södermalm. If I had to compare to another place I should say Williamsburg, New York, kind of similar neighborhood. Since yesterday the June 21th, the midsummer festivities started in Stockholm, it’s their celebration of summer and the sun. Because they are in the dark all winter, I can understand how important is for them to celebrate the sun! Girls are wearing flower crowns.  It’s so cute!! Because the city is practically all closed for the week-end, we have no choice than to do what locals do! Yesterday we went to a place called Melt It’s a twenties inspired bar with old music, it was so perfect!! They even served their cocktail in crystal glass!! Today we are going at the Långholmens beach and relax in the sun! Have a good day everyone xxx

I took pictures at:


Street Machine Skateshop

Illums Bolighus


And the streets of Copenhagen!

Copenhagen Day Two


Hey!! I’m glad to finally share some pictures with you! We really enjoy our travel so far. We left Copenhagen yesterday and we’re now in Stockholm! The time goes so fast it’s crazy I just want it to slow down a bit…

This was day two in Copenhagen. I’m wearing harem linen pants from Zara that are just perfect for traveling, light and comfy. My Hawaiian shirt is from Ralph Lauren, I found it in a thrift shop and fell in love with it! I was lucky enough to get three pairs of new sunglasses, in the mail just before I left Montreal. This pair is from Toms, did you know that they also have an eyewear line? They have the same program as for shoes, one for one, when you buy a pair of eyewear they help give sight cares to a person in need 🙂

During this day, we tried the famous Smørrebrød, it’s a Danish classic, we visited the port, saw beautiful sailboats and walked a lot!!!

We have a big day today, we are going to explore Gamla Stan and Östermalm, I will show you some pictures very soon!! xxx

The-StreetRalph-Lauren-Shirt-Copenhagen-day-2Real-Scandinave-SmørrebrødClose-Up-Toms-SunglassesNice-BikeOver-The-White-WaterBeautiful-Copenhagendancing-over-the-water-copenhagenToms-SunglassesChillin-Over-The-Boat Beautiful-Day-Copenhagen

Shirt: Ralph Lauren / Pants: Zara / sneaker: Converse / Sunnies: Toms

Copenhagen Day 1


After our first day in Copenhagen, I can say I’m in love with the city. People out here are beautiful and nice, everyone says “hello” to us! The city is very clean, everyone has a bike here so there’s not many cars and so much less noise There is a certain calm that the city reflects and I love it. Everything is design here, even at the the airport, we could see it in the architecture and the furniture. There are design shops everywhere, Karim freak out literally, he would love bring everything to Montreal, but we can’t obviously fit everything in our luggage…

From a fashion point of view, wow, this city is so inspiring. Just watching people walking by, my head is full of ideas already. people here are very unique! They even ride their bicycles with style while sipping their morning coffee! I finally visited a COS store! I loved their minimalist style plus they are on sale right now;)

I do not have internet access in our apartment, it’s harder than I thought it would be to blog, but this morning we finally found a nice little cafe with a connection. I leave you on that note for today, we have full of places to see today and the sun is in the game xxx

White-tee-Black-jeans-East-Outfit-Copenhagen-day-1Verdure-Copenhagen-day-1Vintage-Denim-Shirt-Copenhagen-day-1The-Canal-Copenhagen-Day-1Outfit-Copenhagen-day-1Louis-Vuitton-Fixed-Bike-Copenhagen-day-1Isabelle.t-and-the-scary-women-copenhagen-day-1Church-tower-Copenhagen-day-1Giant-Anchor-Copenhagen-Day-1 Easy-Outfit-Copenhagen-day-1 Close-Up-Copenhagen-day-1

Denim Shirt: Vintage / Tee: I don’t remember 😉 / Jeans: Zara / Sneaker: Converse / Jacket: Urban Outfitters /

The Big Day!

I wanted to take five minutes to write you a quick message before leaving tomorrow! I had a crazy week and I didn’t have the time to post like I wanted to, I’m sorry guys. I’m taking my flight to Copenhagen tomorrow night right after work, so I won’t be able to do a new article before Sunday 🙁 At first I wanted to prepare some in advance, but I didn’t get the chance, I finished late at work all week, so much to do!! I leave you on that tonight and for more daily pictures of my trip follow me on Instagram at @Isabelleht


Picture of Copenhagen via: Condé Nast Traveller

Isabel Marant For H&M

Yes, this is really happening, I almost screamed when I heard the news this morning. Isabel Marant is one of my favorite designers, I love her sense of fashion. I have the feeling that when you wear one of her pieces, you have no other choice then to feel woman with the cuts, the simplicity, the confidence that it gives you. I love her ethnic prints, her pants and of course her sneaker wedge.

I like the fact that she can do a collaboration with a skate-brand and that she brings an urban feeling in her collections. A lot of people think that it’s going to be the most popular collaboration that H&M did until now. Believe me, I will do the line-up at 6am for this collection!

Marant will create a woman accessories and clothing line, one for teenagers and for the first time, a man collection for the big Swedish chain. The collection will be available in selected stores only November 14, 2013. Girls, do not miss this event haha!!

To learn more about Isabel Marant

For the press release: H&M

Picture via: Nitrocious

Video via: H&M



As I told you yesterday, I went to the FFUN BBQ 2013 edition this week-end. We finally had the chance to have nice weather and it was really the official launch of summer for me! This party is organized by WeSC (c/o Tiger Distribution) and Société Perrier, so a lot of people from the street-wear industry was there, including myself! It was my second edition and I had a blast!! What can you ask more than a rooftop party, sun, friends, beautiful people and great food???? Add this to your agenda for next year if you are in Montreal!

Have I told you I have a new page on my blog? I added a About Me page, so you can learn a little bit more about me. Soon I will make a post about my story I promise! xxx

Regard-Trendssetters Masterpiece-Necklace-Zara-trends-setters Having-Fun-With-My-Lovely Happy-Trends-setters

Ear-Spike-Trends-settersFFUn-BBQ-Trends-Setters Elevenses-Sable-Utility-Jumpsuit-Antropologie Detail-FFun-BBQ Claudia-Trends-Setters-FFun-BBQ


WESC / Tiger Distribution / Société Perrier / Lookout /

Jumpsuit: Elevenses / Ear Hanger: TopShop / Necklace: Zara (similar here) / Bracelet: Thrift Store / Sandals: Groove /

Packing For Sweden


I started to pack for Copenhagen, Stockholm and Paris this morning!! Oulalala so exciting but not that easy, as I have to packed intelligently for 17 days. Of course I have to leave some space as I want to SHOP!!!!! And thank god, we will be able to do some washing because we rented apartments, so it’s gonna feel like home.

My trick is too pick pieces that I can match together. Like the perfect blazer that you can wear with a pair of jeans, a fancy dress or shorts! Try to maximize the possibilities of each pieces! Dresses are a good pieces for traveling as you only have one piece to think of, more space for new stuffs!

Choosing shoes is hard too, I want to bring them all, but that would not be a good idea! So I have to choose, one pair of comfy runners because we are going to walk a lot. one pair of  great sandals, two pairs of sneakers like converse or vans and dressy shoes, that’s the harder part for me!

I have to leave you on that note today, as I’m leaving soon to the FFUN BBQ 2013. It’s a rooftop party, it’s our summer launch party, It’s my second party of the week-end, ayayay I think it will be a nice summer 🙂 Take care xxx

Formula Fun BBQ VII