Copenhagen Design


Because Copenhagen is surrendered by beautiful design, I thought I should share some pictures that I took to get inspirations. I took pictures of the architecture and some in design stores, to bring some ideas home 🙂

Toldboden-Skin-Over-The-Bench Toldboden-Home-Inspiration-Copenhagen Toldboden-Dream-Restaurant-Copenhagen Toldboden-Dream-Restaurant Street-Machine-Skateshop-Copenhagen Old-Port-Copenhagen Illums-Bolighus-Chair Hay-Window-Inspiration Hay-Inspiration-Copenhagen Hay-Inspiration Hay-Design-Dtore Hay-Blue-Chair Hay-Bench-Inspiration Hay-Beer Fixed-Bike Crown-Of-Copenhagen-Inspiration Blue-Window-Port-Copenhagen

Now let me talk about my trip! So far, I love Stockholm, it’s a surprising town, bigger than what I thought it would be, my favorite neighborhood is Södermalm. If I had to compare to another place I should say Williamsburg, New York, kind of similar neighborhood. Since yesterday the June 21th, the midsummer festivities started in Stockholm, it’s their celebration of summer and the sun. Because they are in the dark all winter, I can understand how important is for them to celebrate the sun! Girls are wearing flower crowns.  It’s so cute!! Because the city is practically all closed for the week-end, we have no choice than to do what locals do! Yesterday we went to a place called Melt It’s a twenties inspired bar with old music, it was so perfect!! They even served their cocktail in crystal glass!! Today we are going at the Långholmens beach and relax in the sun! Have a good day everyone xxx

I took pictures at:


Street Machine Skateshop

Illums Bolighus


And the streets of Copenhagen!