My 2014 playlist

Ok it’s the first day of 2015, but I still have something to share from 2014 :) I made a play-list of the songs I listened the most during the year and I wanted to share them with you. I always loved discovering new music artists, if you have songs or artist that you want to share with me, don’t be shy!

I know everyone can’t listen anymore Happy from Pharrel William, but it was the album that I expected the most at the beginning of the year. Even if I listened a lot the album and that I love Pharrel, it wasn’t my album of the year, it’s Everyday Robots from Damon Albarn. It was my destiny, I am a big fan of Blur and even more of Gorillaz, so when I heard his first solo album, I automatically fell in love. There is a song that I wasn’t able to add to my play-list so I added at the end of the post. It’s an artist from Quebec, Fanny Bloom, so 90 this song, I love it !!!

Good listening

Playlist 2014 by Isabelle H Tessier on Grooveshark