After Paris with its Haute Couture, it’s now the time for Copenhagen (CPH) to shine with its Fashion week! Here’s some of my favourite Street looks so far!

Did you know that Copenhagen is my dream city? One of my dream is to live there one day. Since I went two years ago, I dreamt of this city, I often imagine us Karim and I live over there happy, enjoying life, and I know that someday it won’t be a dream anymore, but reality!

My mandate in life is to realize my dreams, and I have so many!!! What’s yours?

Pictures from: Copenhagen Fashion Week / Le 21eme / Style.com




I really don’t know why I didn’t wear my Cacharel jacket yet this winter. To be honest with you it’s mostly because it was at the end of my walk-in closet and I kind of forgot about it. I know, it’s really bad right, a vintage designer piece that good, have to be worn, and I intend to remedy the situation.

Do you own a vintage piece which is like a treasure for you?

Jacket-Cacharel-Trends-setters H&M-Blue-Stories Griffintown-Cacharel-Trends-setters Cacharel-Trends-setters-Sun-Down Cacharel-Trends-setters-Mtl Cacharel-Trends-setters-Jacket Cacharel-Trends-setters-Griffintown Cacharel-Trends-setters Cacharel Cacharel-Trendssetters Cacharel-Trends-setters-MontrealCacharel-Trends-setters-William

Jacket: Cacharel / Sweater: H&M / Trouser: H&M / Boots: Zara / Beanie: Little Burgundy / Scarf: Vintage (Similar here) /



Vacation, it is the word that everyone has on their lips at this time of the year. Where to go, when and with who? Are you taking vacation any time soon? For my part, my next trip plan outside Canada for personal vacation is next October. Yes, I know it’s in a long time right? But I’m still dreaming of it mostly every day, and at that point, it’s kind of a motivation.

Karim and I are planning to do Spain, Morocco and Portugal. Cities are still to be determine, but we know we want to visit, Barcelona, Marrakesh and Lisbon, and more!! This is what I’m doing these days during the week-end, I’m planning our trip, reading on travel blog what should we do, see and eat!! If you have any recommendations, let me know we are more than open!!

On that, I leave you with these beautiful pictures, to make you also dream of vacation xx

Pictures via: Fashion Gone Rogue



It feels like plus three in Montreal today, after spending the last 10 days with a minus twenty degrees, it’s great to be able to wear something else than my down jacket! Don’t get me wrong I love my Penfield jacket, but I’m the kind of girl who prefer changes, especially that I have a lot of jackets to wear!!!

This week-end I finally found the fisherman sweater that I was looking for. Navy with a turtleneck, a great classic that I will keep for life! Do you own one?

Trends-setters-Fisherman FRYE-Boots Fisherman-Trendssetters Atwater-Market Fisherman-Sweater Silver-dragon-Trends-setters

Hat: H&M / Jacket: Billabong / Fisherman: Vintage (Similar here) / Scarf: (Similar here) / Jeans: Tristan / Boot: Frye /

New fresh street styles

Let’s rock this new year with fresh new street styles! These pictures are from my favourite street style photographers and from different cities like Milan, London, New York and Paris, thus the weather difference.

I love all the looks from the ten pictures, and I would totally wear all of them, yes even the men’s one! What is your favourite look, let me know in the comments below!


xxx Isabelle

Pictures via: Le 21ème / Stockholm StreetStyle / Style.com / On Abbot Kinney /

My 2014 playlist

Ok it’s the first day of 2015, but I still have something to share from 2014 :) I made a play-list of the songs I listened the most during the year and I wanted to share them with you. I always loved discovering new music artists, if you have songs or artist that you want to share with me, don’t be shy!

I know everyone can’t listen anymore Happy from Pharrel William, but it was the album that I expected the most at the beginning of the year. Even if I listened a lot the album and that I love Pharrel, it wasn’t my album of the year, it’s Everyday Robots from Damon Albarn. It was my destiny, I am a big fan of Blur and even more of Gorillaz, so when I heard his first solo album, I automatically fell in love. There is a song that I wasn’t able to add to my play-list so I added at the end of the post. It’s an artist from Quebec, Fanny Bloom, so 90 this song, I love it !!!

Good listening

Playlist 2014 by Isabelle H Tessier on Grooveshark