Las Vegas Photo Diary

Like I said, I took a lot of pictures for you in Vegas of all the different shows I have been to; Magic, Project, Pool, Capsule, Agenda and Liberty. Unfortunately, I can’t show you products shots, because they are for Spring 2014 so we are not allowed to publish them just yet. Also, I took the pictures with my Iphone so sorry if the quality is not that great! I hope you’ll enjoy this post and let me know if you have any questions or comments!!

If you want to read the captions for each shots, just hover the pictures!


As you can see every show as his own feel, it’s really inspiring 🙂

FFun BBQ Again!


Hola!! Sorry again for my silence this week, it’s been a crazy week, my cat got sick 🙁 I had to stay with her at the clinic for a day, (she’s better now!! ) then our car died and I bought a new car, yes all that in three days!! I will pick up my new car tomorrow, a Volkswagen Jetta woohoo, I can’t wait!!

Here’s a photo and outfit recap from the second edition of the 2013 FFun BBQ at Tokyo bar. It’s hard to say no, to this kind of event, sun, fun, friends, beer and a rooftop terrasse all at the same place , I’m in!! I’m wearing a pair of Levi’s denim short witch I cut myself. Of course now there’s a lot of place where you can find some like that already cut. For example there are tons of them on Etsy. But if you want to do it DYI like me, look for a pair of Levi’s jeans at your favorite thrift shop. Don’t be afraid of the shape when you look at them, and the size may be different of what you usually wear since they are high-waisted. When you are going to try them, look only at the top, where you will going to cut them to visualize the final result 🙂 I got mine for only 4$, so it was really worth it. Let me know if you want more tips xxx


Tokyo-Fun-BBQ- teatre-trends-setters Side-Vision-Super-Sunglasses Window-View-Trendssetters VINTAGE-LEVIS-SHORT Tokyo-Fun-BBQ-TrendssettersRooftop-Party-Societe-Perrier N72-Rachel-Eau-De-Rue Montreal-Tokyo-Rooftop Light-Fun-BBQ-Summer-Fun FFUN-BBQ-TRENDS-SETTERS FFUN BBQ 2013 EDITION DEUX

Top: Boyfriend tee that I cut 😉 / Short: Levis Vintage / Boot: Aldo / Hat: Goorin / Sunnies: retro Super Future / Messenger: H&M /


Sorry for my silence since the last two days, I had my share of ups and downs, I will tell you know all about it tomorrow! xxx

Bring Me Some Scandinavian Clothes


Hey! I’m back from Vegas, it was an awesome week, filled with lots of inspiration and fun! I even had the chance to see Pharell live at his BBC party at Pure, you can’t imagine how excited I was haha!! I danced all night long with my new ACNE heels I’m wearing on these pictures. I have to say that an expensive pair of heels is worth it because you really can feel the difference on your feet. I danced with them all night long until 3 am, there’s no way I could have done that with cheap uncomfortable heels haha!!

These pictures where taken yesterday. My boyfriend and I had a date, we really missed each other, and this night was perfect. 🙂 I’m wearing a new pair of short that I found in a thrift shop, they are from Libertine, a Copenhagen line. When I discovered where they were designed, I wasn’t surprised that I fell in love with them. Another Scandinavian piece in my wardrobe!! I have a rooftop party this afternoon which I have to get ready for, oh and I took some pictures of Las Vegas for you, I will post them for you very soon 🙂 xx

Leather-Cap-Asos-Bomber-H&MI-Have-A-Date-Trendssetters Too-Happy-To-Be-Back Libertine-Short Leather-Baseball-Cap-AsosAmnesia-Ear-Cuff Griffintown-Montreal-Trendssetters Crocro-Messenger-H&M

Leather Cap: Asos / Bomber jacket: H&M Similar / Tank: Zara / Short: Libertine / Messenger: H&M / Heels: ACNE / Sport Bra: Joe Fresh / Ear Cuff: Amnesia / Midi Ring: H&M /

Long Bob


One of my favorites summer activities is to do pic-nics with my boyfriend at Le Canal Lachine near our house. Spending time there relaxing, reading a good book and eating good food, that’s real life for me! I brought my camera to show you my new hair :) I’m wearing no make-up and I had a party the night before so be understanding!!

When I got back home after my hair dresser appointment, I told myself that I should cut them a 1“5 shorter haha!! Next time, in a month or so I will cut them a little bit shorter and redo my shading. Have a good week folks xxx

Red-Path Paisley New-Short-Hair New-Long-Bob-Hair Le-Canal-En-Pleins-Soleil Jewelry-Details Crocro-messenger-Dainty-Converse

Dress: Le Chateau / Messenger: H&M / Midi Ring: H&M (similar)  / Bracelet: Amnesia / Sneaker: Converse /



Nothing better than the summer to give us reason to eat ice-cream 🙂 I love ice-cream, I could eat it every day, I usually do during holiday haha!

On these pictures I’m wearing my new polo Lacoste Live, I love this division from Lacoste and I could not resist this cute little crocodile! Lacoste Live is their line targeted at younger customers where they bring their classic Lacoste logo to new levels and I like it!

Today I finished packing my suitcase for Vegas, always complicated, but fun to do. I need to set two daily outfits, one for the show and one for the evening! It is always a very inspiring trip, where a bunch of people in the fashion industry gather in the same place, so obviously, I cannot wait! I’m leaving this afternoon and coming back Thursday night very late … I will do my best to prepare posts for you 🙂 have a good weekend, enjoy the sun if it is present where you are! xx

Sur-Le-Canal-Griffintown (2) Sunnies-Toms-Trends-SettersLes-Jardins-Red-Path Ébouriffé-Trends-Setters Dans-Le-Vent-Trends-Setters Cutie-Crocrodile-Lacoste Trends-Setters-Polo-Lacoste-LiveSundae-Miam-Trends-Setters

Polo: Lacoste Live / Skirt: Zara / Bag: H&M Similar / Slip-on: Liz Claiborne Vintage (similar here) / Sunnies: Toms

New York Photo Diary

As promised I made a little photo diary of my lastest New York trip, Enjoy!! If you have any comments or questions about a picture let me know!!

Love Is Real

DSC_0005 DSC_0033 DSC_0032 DSC_0030 DSC_0017 DSC_0003

Hey! Just a quick post, first to show you, the outfit that I was wearing today, but also to let you know that it’s the last week you will see my long hair!! Oh yeah! I made the decision to cut them next Saturday!! I was supposed to wait until my bangs grow to my chin, but while talking about that with my coworkers today, I finally decided to do it now!! I took the phone and booked an appointment for this Saturday at 1pm haha!! So this week-end you will see me with different hair! Stay tuned, I will post pictures on my Instagram! @Isabelleht

Blazer: Zara / Boyfriend Tee: Trunk Ltd / Denim Short: Vintage / Boots: Aldo / Bags: Zara / Hat: Goorin /

B For Baseball


I bought this baseball shirt in NYC last week. I was looking for one like this for some time now, and when I came across this one, I did not hesitate! I really like this particular one, it’s super light with a boyfriend shape! You will be surprised, but it’s the only piece of clothing that I bought for myself this time in NYC! I’m shopping for a new car, so I have to stay focused on this mission for the moment 🙂 I took a couple of pictures for you in NYC, but with my iPhone. I didn’t bring my Nikon this time, sorry for the quality of the pictures. I will do a picture diary post this week! Have a nice week xxx

Zara-Skort-Trends-Setters Vans-Sk8-Wedge-H&M-Shirt-Zara-Skort Vans-SK8-Wedge Tag-Necklace-Trends-Setters It's-Still-Summer-Baseball-Look-trends-SettersB-For-Baseball-Trends-setters Baseball-Shirt-H&M-Trends-Setters Baseball-Shirt-H&M

Baseball Shirt: H&M / Skort: Zara / Sk8-hi Wedge Vans: Amnesia / Necklace: Amnesia / Leather Cap: Asos /