01/25/15 by Isabelle T.

Vacation, it is the word that everyone has on their lips at this time of the year. Where to go, when and with who? Are you taking vacation any time soon? For my part, my next trip plan outside Canada for personal vacation is next October. Yes, I know it’s in a long time right? But I’m still dreaming of it mostly every day, and at that point, it’s kind of a motivation.

Karim and I are planning to do Spain, Morocco and Portugal. Cities are still to be determine, but we know we want to visit, Barcelona, Marrakesh and Lisbon, and more!! This is what I’m doing these days during the week-end, I’m planning our trip, reading on travel blog what should we do, see and eat!! If you have any recommendations, let me know we are more than open!!

On that, I leave you with these beautiful pictures, to make you also dream of vacation xx

Pictures via: Fashion Gone Rogue

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