After The Rain

07/17/13 by Isabelle T.


Sometimes I am really enjoying the rain outside. In a chalet up north, chill-in while reading a good book, listening the rain dropping outside, it’s the kind of moment that I really enjoy. And, days like today. It has been really really warm here in Montreal and with the humidity factor it feel like 46 degrees Celcius (117 degrees Fahrenheit). Yep! that’s hot and humid haha! So when the rain started to drop at the end of the afternoon, I have to say that I was happy, especially when I finished my day and felt some fresh air, it feels good!

I  haven’t done an outfit post lately, so we took these pictures after work today. Because it’s so hot these days I keep it simple!! I brought that leather jacket today because sometimes the air conditioner is so high at work that I’m freezing!! And, yes on my feet are my new fav Vans X Liberty authentic, so cute. I’m in love with them!! Talking about Vans I saw their footwear spring 2014 today, a lot of nice styles, this order will be hard to do, like all Vans orders, too much nice stuff!!

Happy Wednesday!

Vans-Authentic-Liberty-CollabTired-Up-Black-White-Trends-setters Raining-Leather-Jacket-Umbrella Green-AlleyBack-Hurley-Boyfrind-Denim-Short Back-Leather-Jacket Authentic-Liberty-Back-Focus-Trends-setters After-The-Sun-Come-The-Rain After-The-Rain-Trends-settersLook-Up-The-Sky

Jacket: Zara (last fall) / Boyfriend short: Hurley / Tee: Billabong / Necklace: Billbong / Sneaker: Vans X Liberty /

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