Quelque chose de mieux s’en viens bientôt!!

I’m sorry if I didn’t post a lot lately. It’s because that my boyfriend and I are working on my new blog! It is going to be much much better and I can’t wait to show it to you!

So since this has been said, I’m sorry and something better is coming soon 🙂 thanks to follow me I love you all xxx


By Isabelle T.

Travis Barker

We’ll yeah I finally got my picture with Travis! That’s Vegas baby!!!! @magictradeshow #travisbarker #famous #vegas #magic #picoftheday

Une St-Valentin parfaite pour mon amoureux et moi!

What makes a great Valentine date for my Boyfriend and I, easy,  it’s to try a new restaurant that we never been to, food from another country, to feel somewhere else! And after a good meal a lot of good laughs,  we love to hang out in a magazine shop, and finish the night at home only the two of us 🙂  This year we choose Turkish food, Avesta on Sainte-Catherine. The food was delicious, our waitress really friendly, but the service… way too fast!!! We got all our plates in 10 min. haha!! But we had a blast and it was really good and cheap!! If you live in Montreal, or passing by you have to try it!!

River Island and Rihanna

So here’s come the collab between the UK line River Island and Rihanna. I just watched the video from the runway show at the London Fashion week. There’s a couples of pieces that I really like, especially some form the 5 first minutes. The sexy maxi dress, crop tee really 90”, and the black jacket, but I’m not that impress, I was looking for somethings really more street then that.. I want to know your thought? You what you think?