Maison Scotch

05/18/13 by Isabelle T.

I felt in love the first time a saw a piece from the La Maison Scotch collection. For their Spring/Summer collection I really like the Peruvian inspiration, the vibrant colors and the details. I’m personally not a Tassel fan, but in this collection because it merges well with the Peruvian inspiration I like it. It is not too much. My favorite is their bottom category. Their beach pants and this pair of jeans, ayayay are so perfect! Also the palm tree shoulder sweatshirt, so cute!

I strongly recommend you to visit their website to see the complete collection, you may also fall in love!


Scotch & Soda loves to make great garments that suit every individual. We want people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them. Scotch & Soda products are rich in detail, high quality and affordable. The designers at Scotch spare no effort or expense at detailing and fine-tuning samples, all the way to the neatly finished interior of each garment. We invest in the product, which is typically inspired by the best tried and tested classic and vintage styles, enriched with a wealth of inspiration from around the world. Though Scotch & Soda has been around since the ‘80s, the Amsterdam-based fashion brand as we know it today originates in a brave new start in 2001, when three new owners joined their broad experience and shared love for making great garments. After Scotch & Soda was re-launched for Spring Summer 2002, Scotch Shrunk was added for Spring Summer 2008. Literally shrinking men’s styles to little brother or son sizes was a completely new take on kids wear, and Shrunk made waves no-one at Scotch had even dared dream of. This success was soon followed by the launch of a women’s collection: Maison Scotch entered the market with the Spring/ Summer 2010 collection and it already accounts for a large part of the company’s continuous growth.

Little sister R’Belle showed up for Spring/Summer 2011. Late 2010, the first Scotch & Soda perfume was launched by the name of Barfly, making a long lived dream of the brand come true. Scotch’s youngest and most ambitious project Amsterdams Blauw hit the stores in December 2010; a compact high profile denim collection that could only come from the Scotch kitchen. The brand currently holds over 50 Scotch & Soda stores worldwide, more than 7000 other sales points and a fully up to date online presence with integrated webstore, blog and social media. Scotch & Soda is classic in many ways, but young and fast-forward when it comes to bringing great clothes onto the market place.

La Maison Scotch: Website / Facebook / Instagram

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