Zadig & Voltaire

07/24/13 by Isabelle T.


Practically every fall lookbooks are now available on the web. Even if we do not want to hear it, autumn is upon us. As much as I love the summer season, enjoying the sun, making BBQs with friends, I also really like autumn, it’s my favorite season. I’ll explain why, it’s just so much fun to dressed during the fall season! We can finally pull out our favorite lightweight vests and the perfect leather jacket we all love. Wear more layering, denim short with boot, so many possibilities!

I’m in my lookbook period, I’m feeding myself with inspiration and making some shopping wish-lists! Here is one of my favorite brand, yes another French line! What can I say they’re good! I like the Rock feeling Zadig & Voltaire releases and the way they make you feel sexy. My favorites pieces so far are the red suit, the leather dungarees and the loose cream cardigan. You can pre order the line here! Happy shopping!

Zadig Zadig1 Zadig2 Zadig3 Zadig4 Zadig5

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